Self Censorship?

I originally considered titling this entry: “Someone Please Shoot Me Now.”

However, I realized that, given my vocation — that the above headline is not entirely appropriate. However, I have long contemplated beginning to publish a blog. Among my self-imposed obstacles was a fear.

I think I can best summarize this fear as a fear of offense, or perhaps a fear of alienation.

To explain: As I mentally wrote my potential blog articles, I realized that my possible subjects spanned the entire gamut of audiences.

To put it mildly, my collection of interests is…. diverse.

But I decided that, in the end, you can’t please everyone. The only compass that I can follow is to be true to myself.

I am somewhat reluctant to describe myself as such, for fear of braggadocio — but I can probably be best described as one-of-a-kind.

When I thought of my topics, I considered my potential audience(s). I contemplated censoring myself. I had concerns of alienating readers.

Suppose a woman discovers my blog due to our shared interest in quilting: reading my tales of Misadventures With Math (cutting, and re-cutting, and re-cutting…); Log Cabin Quilt Designing; Mon Seul Desire (my future unicorn quilt); and Sewing for Mental Health. When she logs on to read my latest quilting adventure, she finds my next post to be a discussion of various concealed carry options for my Para Ordnance LDA .45.

Suppose a man starts reading my blog because of our shared interest in firearms and shooting; reading about my stories of target shooting; second amendment news; firearm reviews; and new firearm projects. When he logs on to read my latest post and he reads about my latest idea for a quilting project that I’m planning to sew with applique images of FN FS2000‘s and FN PS90’s.

What if I have offended my quilting reader because she is staunchly in favor of gun control? What if my firearms reader discounts my authenticity because I am writing of women’s interests?.

But then I realized that I was stereotyping my readers. What’s to say that my quilting reader would not be interested in guns? What’s to say that my firearms reader would not be interested in handcrafts?

I should know, of all people, not to make assumptions. I also realized that it is impossible to please everyone

The obvious, immediate answer is to publish separate blogs for each of my interests. However, I would end up with a veritable library of blogs in that instance. In addition, there is a good deal of …. “cross-pollination” in the entries that I have planned. In my life, as disparate as my interests may seem — everything is interconnected, the different aspects of my life cannot be so easily pigeon-holed.

My concerns about this have proven to be a stumbling block for me, impeding me from fully utilizing my blog. I have finally decided upon a compromise.

I very well may be violating some “rules” by proceeding in this fashion — but this is my decision:

My “complete” blog is my personal blog: The Fox and the Hedgehog. That will be my main blog. (Read the Biographypage, and it will explain the provenance behind the title to my blog.) If you are interested in quilting as well as firearms — that is the blog that you will want to subscribe to.

My sewing and quilting blog is The Nomadic Quilter. If you are only interested in sewing, quilting and textiles; and would prefer not to read about guns and hunting — this is the blog for you.

My firearms blog, the blog for my business is Custom & Tactical Gunsmithing, by United Arms Service. If you are only interested in firearms and weapons; and would prefer not to read about fabric and embroidery, this is the blog for you.


~ by rdemunck on September 15, 2007.

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  1. Why is this showing up as “recently published” on your Facebook? LOL

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